Andrew Browning and the 9 Pound Hammers’ new album, The Midnight Desert Talk Radio is currently in production and scheduled for an October release. Like their first album, Blood on the Door, this record is being recorded at DOB Sound in Santa Fe Springs California and produced by Derek O’brien (Social Distortion, The Adolescents, Agent Orange). Alongside Browning, the band consists of Phillip Allan Smith (Guitar), Ilya Portnov (Harmonica), Lelah Simon (Bass), and Derek O’brien (Drums). Guest contributions on this record come from Carey Frank (B3, Wurlitzer) and Mollie Greenspan (Vocals).  

About the recording, there was no grand vision up front according to Browning. “I had written a pile of songs and decided it was time to make a new record. Our first record had been very pandemic inspired and these songs were different, they were everyday life inspired and I wanted to tell that story. We engaged a much broader array of styles on this recording and in a lot of ways took risks that made me really uncomfortable but they were risks I knew I had to take. The one thing I did know was that we were gonna push this record further than the last one and I think we did that.” While Browning’s crew hails from all over the U.S. and Europe, they all have Los Angeles in common and that geography is a huge influence on this music.